SFC History

SFC New England (formally known as Sachems FC), Est. 2000, is under the umbrella of Winchester Soccer Club, Est. 1961, which is continuing to be a leader in youth soccer development. It is our goal to cultivate the soccer experience of young players in Massachusetts by providing them with an opportunity to improve both as athletes and people by fostering an identity of excellence.

We understand that soccer can play a very critical role in young players’ lives, both at a competitive level and as a developmental tool. While developing individual skills and fitness, we will also stress hard work, dedication, fair play, and teamwork. Ultimately, we strive to produce players who can compete at the highest levels of soccer throughout the nation.

The club offers teams spanning U9-U18 for both girls and boys. If you are a motivated player in those age groups who would like further information about the club, please contact SFC Executive Director Kip Garlow.

Vision & Mission of SFC

SFC’s mission is to provide an opportunity for advanced players, who are interested in, and committed to, playing soccer at the highest level of competition, to benefit from high-level experienced professional coaching and to experience the benefits that come from competing and playing with other players with the same level of dedication to the game of soccer.

With a consistent message of the importance of individual development as well as teamwork and fair play, SFC will strive to build and develop the necessary skills in all SFC players to enable them to effectively contribute to the success of their teams, present and future, both on and off the field.