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Our staff is unparalleled and diverse, with many holding licenses at the highest levels (USSF, NSCAA), others having had experience playing soccer as semi-pros and professionals. With staff concurrently holding coaching positions at local High Schools and the Collegiate level.

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What our families say

SFC has provided a great learning experience for both my son and my daughter, while balancing other life priorities like school sports and academics.

April 25 2017

My son first joined SFC as a 5th grader and is now entering senior year on the U17 team. The skills he learned, the realistic expectations that were set by the coaches over the years, and the passion they brought to the team is what has made my son excel and now be one of the captains of his high school team.

In addition, our daughter, now a freshman, has learned the game so much by being given the chance to try different positions over the years and with the right guidance from the SFC coaches, she has found how best to help her team and have an impact on each game.

John Carson

Belmont, MA

SFC was the best decision.

May 8th 2017

My son joined SFC 5 years ago after playing for another local club for several years. It was the best decision. The SFC program has amazing coaches, professional staff, and supportive players. He has made friends on this team that will last for years to come. My son has become a confident player on the field and developed a deeper understanding for the game. He will miss this program when he heads off to college!

Jennifer Thomas

Lynn, MA

We highly recommend SFC and would be happy to speak to others.

May 17th 2017

Our daughter has played on the SFC New England for the past 2 years and has had an excellent experience overall. The coaches (Sky DuMont and Paul Bucelwicz) nicely balance emphasis on technical skills development with learning the correct strategies to play successfully as a TEAM. The girls are highly motivated to perform well, but more importantly it is clear that they enjoy playing and have a lot of fun in the process. The addition of the Ryan Connolly complex for practices and games has also been hugely additive. We highly recommend SFC and would be happy to speak to others.

Paul Coakley

Winchester, MA

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